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I Company of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, member of one of the earliest, more than twenty years of history, specializing in pharmaceutical, food and chemical machinery design and manufacturing, the pharmaceutical industry in the country has far-reaching impact. The strong technical force and scientific research units and pharmaceutical companies in cooperation with experts, continuing to draw on advanced experience, and continuously introduced to the community with advanced design, stable performance, easy operation, meet the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical equipment, products are sold provinces and cities, but also exported to Southeast Asia and Central Asia and other countries and regions, favored by the users.

Main products:
1,5-20 ml of a variety of easy-open lid (or plastic cover) oral liquid filling production line. 2,20-500 ml of anti-theft liquid filling production line.
3,2-50 ml of biological products (dried) liquid filling production line.
4,0.2-10 grams of powder-packing production line measurement.
5,50-350 ml of bird's nest, cream filling production line
6,100-500 ml of liquor agents liquid filling production line.
7, the spray liquid filling production line.
8, various types of electric, steam hot air circulation oven, tunnel sterilization oven and water bath sterilization machine and other equipment.

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Add:A Block,No33 WZ Ibndustrial Park ,Nantong city ,Jiangsu Procince